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Histoires: Techno 251
CIFIAL Produits: TH251

In 2011, from an update of the Techno 250 collection (launched in 2008), the Techno 251 range comes to life.

After a challenging cooperate investigation and development between CIFIAL and INEGI, TH251 comes to life, characterised by elegance in detail, especially in the contours of the "drop" control, and in the way the emulsifier is built into the spout.

Just like its predecessor, TH251 was a true success and won the "Product of the Year" award from "Lazienka" magazine in Poland and was also a finalist for the prestigious design award "Good Design GMark" in Japan.

Today the Techno 251 range has more than 10 different solutions from bathroom and kitchen taps to bath/shower mixers. Besides it's available in various finishes, from the classic chrome to painted finishes which are still one of the market tendencies.
The design and length of this range make Techno 251 still modern and easily adaptable to various spaces and decorations.

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