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'M3', the minimalistic range.

The concept of the "M3" collection came from the idea of a minimalistic rectangle, with smaller sides in a semi-circular shape.
In single-lever version, the pieces feature a joystick that makes this range even more unique.

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'Hexa', the range that connects classic and modern.

Developed by the designer Carlos Aguiar in 2006, the Hexa range reinforces the connection between modern and classic through its hexagonal shape. A silhouette that translates into a revival of classic lines.

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Techno 251

História da Indústria em Portugal: 1961

'Techno 251', the elegant range.

Developed from joint research between CIFIAL and INEGI, the Techno 251 range is still, to this day, a part of CIFIAL's offer. It's characterised by elegance in detail and in the way the emulsifier is built into the spout.

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CIF: "Centro Industrial de Ferragens".

In June 1961 an edition of the "History of Industry in Portugal" was published, focusing on the history of CIFIAL. This issue, written by Correia de Azevedo, describes the first 50 years of the company's existence.

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Techno 400

Techno 465

Techno 400, a transitional design.

'Techno 400' transitional design, by the Portuguese designer Carlos Ribau,  makes this range perfectly adaptable both at modern and classic ambiences.

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'Techno 465', a fundamental statement.

The Techno 465 range was idealized on the first decade of the 21st century by one of the most internationally rewarded Portuguese designers, Carlos Aguiar.

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'Panda', a revolutionary design.

The Panda range was CIFIAL’s first collection of single-lever taps with ceramic cartridge, produced back in the 90s.

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Euroliva, the modern range.

One of the most recognized models and part of the country's collective memory, the EUROLIVA collection was born in 1977 by the hand of Daciano da Costa, one of the most notable Portuguese designers.

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Lion Head Door Knocker

'Edwardian', the timeless range.

50 years after its launch, the Edwardian collection is still recognized by designers and architects as timeless and a reference in the market for its design and quality.

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Lion Head Door Knocker, the "Lion of Porches" symbol.

It became recognized worldwide as a symbol of "Lion Of Porches", which used it to adorn the doors of its stores and miniatures of it as gifts for its customers.

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Techno 250

'Techno 250', the innovative range of the beggining of the century.

Not needing the traditional eccentrics used until then, the Techno 250's mixer allowed the faucet body to remain practically against the wall.

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