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Lock Pin-Code Electronic
ref.: 1920236
Weight: 12Kg
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Made of high quality steel, the electronic safe allows to store personal items with security. It has an internal universal plug, with right dimensions to store laptops.

  - The door will open automatically after inputting a correct code;
  - Information through a LED display;
  - Buzzer alarms for 60 seconds for 3 attempts with an incorrect code;
  - Audit trail the latest 300 logs of unlocking information by software;
  - Internal power plug (230V power supply);
  - Battery: 4 AA batteries 1.5V;
  - Low power batteries warning;
  - External power supply for flat battery, using a 9V battery;
  - Opening time: 4 to 6 seconds;
  - Code digits: 4 to 9 digits;
  - Color: Dark grey.

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