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CIFIAL has a wide range of finishes, both in terms of colour and process. The offer consists of chrome or nickel-plated, organic - lacquered or rustic and PVD finishes.

Finishes Diversity

Chrome or Nickel

The electrolytic coatings are processed by CIFIAL at its modern automatic facility, supported by effluent treatment plants and benefiting from over 40 years of experience.
The galvanic electroplating process gives the substrate greater resistance to corrosion by plating it with nickel and chromium at thicknesses greater than 7.5 microns and 0.25 microns, respectively, for chrome finishes.
It is essential for the final quality of the product that the surfaces to be coated are correctly prepared before the plating operation. This preparation is performed at CIFIAL by grinding machines and CNC polishing machines. Whenever necessary, manual intervention is undertaken to give the final customisation that characterises CIFIAL products.

              Lacquered or Rustic

These coatings are sensitive due to their nature.
Lacquered coatings have a coat of powdered lacquer or paint with thicknesses greater than 40 microns.
Rustic or living coatings have an aged metallic surface that changes over its lifetime and according to use, meaning it acquires a unique nature.


CIFIAL has developed a coating technology based on the most advanced PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology, in which CIFIAL was a pioneer.
PVD significantly improves the surface hardness and abrasion resistance characteristics. This coating substantially increases corrosion resistance compared to a traditional electrolytic coating process without PVD (Corrodkote, Acetic Saline Fog and Cass Tests).
The excellent characteristics of this coating give it high resistance to deterioration from domestic chemical agents; high resistance to corrosion by atmospheric agents and greater hardness, which makes it more resistant to wear.
This coating is highly resistant to scratches, allowing it to keep its appearance unchanged and thus meet the highest consumer expectations and the most demanding applications.
PVD is an environmentally-friendly technology, not generating any kind of effluent.

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