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Access Control
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ref.: 2F09040DXXX
Acess Control EL160 RFID/Off-Line/handle GOH-01 with rosette rh.
ref.: 2F09040EXXX
Acess Control EL160 RFID/Off-Line/handle GOH-01 with rosette lh.
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Electronic access control with contemporary design and fully customizable.

These features, result of the non visibility of some electronic components, with a wide choice of handles and finishes, supported on RFID technology.


- Módulo RFID segundo norma ISO 14443A (Mifare), com capacidade de leitura até 3 cm;
- Alimentação: 4 pilhas AA 1.5V;
- Tempo de vida das pilhas: acima de 20.000 ciclos de abertura contínuos;
- Temperatura: -10ºC a +55ºC;
- Grau de humidade: de 20% a 93%;
- Certificação EN 12209: 2004 na Classe C5, 200.000 ciclos;
- Nº máximo de utilizadores por porta: 878;
- Nº máximo de portas por sistema: 999.999;
- Nº máximo de eventos registados na fechadura: 439;
- Nº de horários: 24 (por unidade);
- Nº de períodos de acesso: configurável (por intervalos mínimos
de 15 minutos);
- Áreas comuns: 32;
- Grupos de utilizadores: sem limite;
- Modos de abertura:
     - Standard (sempre fechado);
     - Passagem (acesso livre) / Emergência;
     - Bloqueio / desbloqueio.



- RFID identification technology – Proximity (without contact);
- Mechanical lock with anti-panic function (lock can always be open by the interior), with anti-vandalism system and with soft latch;
- Applicable on doors with thickness greater than 40mm;
- Simple installation without cables passage to the door;
- Possible opening through an alternative mechanical cylinder (hidden);
- Charge of the batteries monitored on each lock by specified signals (light and sound);
- Free passage mode (doors maintain open allowing free movement);
- Record LOG events to non-volatile memory, including the use of mechanical key;
- Able to audit and configure through Programming Cards;
- Easy and intuitive access control software, for Windows®, with SQL database, multi-user support and available in several languages;
- Allows integration with several PMS systems for an easier guest card issuing and with POS systems, for client identification;
- Compatible with Smart software.

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