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Evolution Range

2020 was an important turning point in CIFIAL's long history.
After long months of research, development and quality testing, CIFIAL presents a highly innovative collection, a true evolution in which metallurgy, porcelain and technology merge...

Evolution Taps

Evolution's washbasin tap handles light up, on a colour scale corresponding to the temperature. With a simple touch on the handle, it is possible to select and record the water temperature, the flow rate and the time of use. It's also possible to limit the maximum temperature to avoid accidental scalds.

The evolution of the shower tap is more drastic. The conventional water flow and temperature adjustment handle has evolved into a tactile control that looks and feels like a smartphone.

The tactile menus let you select and save various options. You can choose and record the water flow and temperature, but also select hand or head shower and pause operation.
Rechargeable batteries mean you can use the tap even during a power cut.

The whole system is prepared to guarantee absolute safety of use.

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Evolution Toilets

The "Evolution R" toilet is a smart toilet with numerous functions. Usually known on the market as SMART or Bidet WC, the "Evolution R" is equipped with a set of extraordinary features that will surprise you.

This model goes much further than just offering hot air, hot water or a heated seat.
The user's health has also been taken into account. The comfort, hygiene and health of the user were the main focuses of its development, but the porcelain also received special attention during the development process. So, the "Evolution R" bidet toilet is also equipped with automatic cleaning and descaling.

Learn more about CIFIAL's "Evolution R" features by clicking on the image below:

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