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Pincode System
Pincode System
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Pincode System
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Pincode System
Software Pincode
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Simplicity, without cards or keys

- Access control in real time (ON-LINE) using PIN
- After manager’s approval, the user receives the
  PIN code that allows the access for a period of time;
- Using the same code, the user can also have access
  to other common areas (garage, pool, etc.);
- Reception or place to delivery or return mechanical
  keys or cards is no longer required;
- PIN Codes can be sent by phone (voice, SMS) or
  by E-mail.


Easy and controlled management

- Remote management allows audit and full control
  of the system;
- Possibility to open door remotely;
- Event monitoring in real time;
- Integration with PMS management software



- PIN codes with variable size (4 to 12 digits)
  generated automatically by the system;
- Manager can change permissions (access doors,
  date & time restrictions) of a particular user in real
  time, including its temporary or permanent
- Validation of codes through main server, gives
  up-to-date information in real-time;
- PIN code reader with anti-vandalism keyboard.

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